Personal Health Care Cape Cod

Not sure where to start? Look no further.

Choosing an in-home care provider and home care health aides for your loved one holds insurmountable importance. We want to make sure you are as knowledgeable as possible when making that choice. Here are some frequently asked questions about our services. At Heartful Home Care, we are confident we are the best decision you can make for inclusive care on Cape Cod.

Can a pet be beneficial to my loved one?

Having a pet can bring happiness to anyone. Having a companion animal can lower anxiety issues and help alleviate depression. Unfortunately, some of our clients are unable to care effectively for their pets. This puts the animal in danger and puts them at a risk of losing their friend. At Heartful Home Care, we can provide pet care and assistance. We want your loved one to have what is best for them, and often this includes a loved one of their own!

Do you take care of daily chores as well?

At Heartful Home Care Services, we take hygiene, cleanliness, and quality of living very seriously. This means having a clean and comfortable environment for your loved one. Our certified caregivers can help your loved one maintain a clean, clutter-free home. We assist with necessary needs, such as dressing, bathing, and more. Their health is our primary concern.

How do you engage your clients?

Many of our clients have issues with mobility and are homebound. They may not be able to get out very often. Our caregivers provide companionship and care, creating bonds with the clients they serve. These bonds can improve emotional health and stress, and can engage your loved one intellectually.

Do you provide transportation?

Heartful Home Care can provide transportation to our clients. Whether it is a single time or the occasional trip, we provide reliable and safe transportation. This can also benefit your loved one, keeping them from feeling isolated and homebound. Heartful Home Care is bonded and certified, and you can be sure your loved one is in the safest hands.

How will your services help me?

At Heartful Home Care, we value your dedication and compassion. We know the struggle that comes with being a caregiver to someone so close to you. We know how important relief and assistance is. We know more than anyone the sacrifices that come with taking care of a family member, and we are here to relieve some of that pressure. Heartful Home Care Services offers highly trained personnel to care for your loved one, giving you the opportunity to pursue the things you are most passionate about.

I think my loved one has Alzheimer's, what do I do?

Early stages of Alzheimer's can be detected before symptoms occur with current tests. It is important to stay current with these tests, as Alzheimer's destroys the tracks in the brain that support the transport of nutrients and other supplies. When these tracks are destroyed, those nutrients no longer can travel and thus begins the deterioration of learning, thinking, and memory. Heartful Home Care specializes in offering services to those with early onset dementia, and those clients whose disease has progressed. You can rely on us to give the most compassion and understanding possible. It's what we do - it's what we're here for.



The Heartful Difference

What makes Heartful Home Care stand out? It’s compassion. It’s love. It’s our distinctive need to fulfill every aspect of living. It’s the happiness we bring. While our highest concern is always the health and safety of your loved one, the only way to feel alive is to really live.